"Let me drive you home…"

Abby: We’re not having an affair.
Elodie: You don’t have to feel guilty for taking pleasure in life
- Manhattan (1x10)

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Sons of Anarchy Synopsis (insp)

Getting a cold is the worst because you kinda still feel fine but at the same time you feel like living death.


Stargate: Citizen Joe (requested by handsofabitterman)

CBS’s The Good Wife begins its sixth season on Sunday night in almost unheard of shape for a drama heading into the latter stages of middle age. By Seasons 7 or 8, most series are thinking about retirement, or ought to be. Typically they’ve been flagging for years, the vim and vigor of their youth long since mellowed. But The Good Wife does not know from flagging. As it begins its sixth season, it is sharper than it has ever been, the ageless, wiry athlete sprinting circles around other dramas, tacitly talking trash. “Anything you can do, I can do 22 times a year, without cursing, without much violence, and without a hoity-toity cable-TV address,” it winks, as it runs by in some impeccably tailored workout gear. The Good Wife, a delectable, invigorating series of unprecedented depth and cynicism, is the best drama on TV. —The Good Wife Season 6 starts Sunday. The CBS show is better than ever. (via die-weltmeister)


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